Derby Worx

rYou can tune and align a competitive Derby car using little more than sandpaper and a power drill. However, several tuning techniques will be easier and the results more accurate if you use purpose-built tools. Derby Worx has built a business out of creating those tools, most of which are so unique—and useful — that they are patented or have patents pending. All of the tools include instructions and are available from the Derby Worx website,, and selected Scout, hobby, and craft stores.

Pro Body Tool II: Without a drill press, it’s nearly impossible to drill new axle holes. Not every race allows you to change the location of the axle holes, but if you are allowed, it’s easy to add stability to your car by extending the wheel base. The Pro Body Tool II fits exactly around the car block and helps you align the holes and drill straight axle holes with a hand-held drill. There is no way I would try to drill new axle holes without this tool, even if I had a drill press. This tool makes it simple. The tool also makes it easy to drill one front axle hole a little higher to reduce the amount of wheel friction (if that’s allowed by your race rules). The metal tool comes with the required #44 drill bit. Suggested retail $11.95.

Pro Axle Press II: Right out of the box, axles might look good, but they are rarely straight and square. The Pro Axle Press II straightens axles and ensures the head is square to the body of the nail. Continue reading Derby Worx

How to Remove Smoke Odour by Utilizing Air Purifier

As in the 21st century, the air on earth is getting relentlessly more polluted. Industries, factories as well as cars all give rise to the intensifying condition of our air. Nowadays, numerous people are hoping to purchase air purifiers for their houses. The issue that numerous individuals are facing is selecting the right sort of best air purifier for the smoke.


There are a few distinct sorts of top 10 air purifiers 2015 and every purifier is focused at taking care of a problem related with air. This article gives an idea on how to pick the right air purifier for your desired needs.

Air Purifiers

An air purifier is a device which removes contaminants from the rooms air. It has a fan which in turn spins to generate suction to pull air into the gadget. In the system, there are different filtration systems whereby the air goes, and every single filter is built to get rid of some pollutant or contaminant out from the air. These are those filters which require your consideration when you pick a best air purifier for smoke, as you have to get the right ones to cope with your specific needs.

Why Air Purifiers are Considered Good for Smokers

A couple of years prior, if you questioned a cigarette smoker if they ever imagine theyd live in a house that was smell free or smoke-free, they always said it is impossible.

The good news is that the advancement in the technology of air purifier has changed all the things. You can have your home smoke or odour free without tobacco scents by utilizing a specifically developed air purifier for tobacco smoke. The top 10 air purifiers 2015 continuously and instantly expel all airborne smoke from the bedroom and disposes off the smell.

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News from the world of electronics

Satnav companies search for route to success

The standalone satnav market is in a state of confusing upheaval. The two main vendors, Garmin and TomTom, must now compete with the GPS map navigation that comes free or cheap with virtually all smartphones as well as with each other. Both companies now have to sacrifice revenue from map update subscriptions and are offering free updates for the lifetime of some devices.

A falling market


Garmin estimates that the total market for car satnavs is now 10% down to 170 million a year and reliant mainly on replacements.

In an effort to win share in the replacement market, Garmin is also claiming exclusivity on a new jam-busting Digital Traffic system that relies on DAB data, and is free to use for the device lifetime. Real Directions, which give instructions like turn left at the church, is also claimed to be Exclusive to Garmin. TomTom promises images of buildings and landmarks in 3D.

Garmin recently held a press and trade briefing at the London Transport Museum in London, to try and inject some clarity.

Close-up of a computer microchip
Close-up of a computer microchip

Broadly speaking, most new Garmin devices costing over 100 update their maps four times a year when connected to a PC.

DAB devices

Garmin devices costing over 150 also come with free Digital Traffic. The satnav has a built-in DAB chip, which continually receives TPEG (Transport Protocol Experts Group) data on traffic flow. The data comes from US company Inrix, which monitors road sensors, cameras and cellphone networks, calculates average speeds of road traffic and warns of jams. If DAB reception fails, the satnav switches to receiving slower Traffic Message Channel data by FM. The user pays nothing for data reception because no cellphone connection is needed.

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